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Animal In Monumental

Salmond Jump The Marabout Little Open Doors Ostrich

Stone sculpture : Indian granite Metal sculpture : Paris metal

Château de Gilly

Open Doors Ostrich, Pink Cobra White Cobra, SexAPelle ( play on words working frenchway: Pelle : spade)

Monumental metal sculpture Stone sculpture Metal sculpture

Parc Floral, in Vincennes, Paris

Open Doors Ostrich, Three White Butterflies, TotemEarlyYouLove (Tot’AimeM)

Monumental metal sculpture Stone sculpture

Houla Houp

Monumental Sculpture 7th of November 2017

Corten steel Sculpture Installed in front of the head quarters and of the newly built factory of Olivier Monin inaugurated this 7th of November 2017


Paintings Sculptures

Luz Alies Guinard : Colombia and Paris Maison Des Arts de Chatillon : Paris